Digital Photo Professional Recipes

Experimenting and shooting in RAW format has forced me to create my own custom VRD recipe files. There is not a whole lot of information online as to how to work with Digital Photo Professional's Tool Palette. I suppose it is better to test all of the settings on your own to gain the best understanding. I like the ease and speed to apply brightness, contrast, color temperature settings all from one control panel. Here are my favorite recipes and their effect.  

You can download my original .VRD files at the end of the post.

Original Photograph - Default Setting

Pastel Carnival - Desaturated Color

Wheat - Yellow Temperature - Softer Contrast

Black and White - Soft Contrast

Dark Style - Yellow with more Contrast
Movie Style - Brightness Turned Down with More Contrast



Download my original Digital Photo Professional VRD files shown here at

Just click "Read and Paste Recipe From File..." to apply to your RAW photograph.



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