31, Update, Photos

With no blog posts for several weeks, what have I been up to?  
Since June I have been working on a major design project for a summit that will be happening in September of this year. Yes, in addition to my crazy hours with my full time design job, I have been spending time getting back into corporate design with my freelance design business - sjjdesign. It has been good working with a different industry outside of wedding design and a reminder of the challenges working as a freelance designer. This will mark one of the largest projects I have taken on independently. In July 20at30 officially turned 20at31.

In my spare time I have been still experimenting with my photography and am itching to do some traveling again end of summer. I took my camera down to the Stampede grounds to see how it would handle. Not using any kind of tripod I did get some decent shots. I do see the need to upgrade my 50mm lens on the horizon as I have been pushing the limitations lately. Now just to save up!

Stampede, a set on Flickr.
Photo experiments using 50mm 1.8 lens.


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