Abandoned Homestead

Abandoned Homestead, a set on Flickr.
Over the weekend I traveled into Southeastern Saskatchewan to visit my great-grandparents' original homestead. My dad played tour guide to tell me and my sister the stories of where my grandmother originally grew up and her bachelor brothers would continue to live. The last time I was here was 29 years ago when I was one or two years old. The original house, which is still standing, once housed a family of eight. This is unbelievable as the house would be cozy for just one person. Up until a few years ago the last surviving brother would live here all year long - heating his house with an electric stove and making due without indoor plumbing. In his early 80s he now lives down the road in a house with better amenities.

Fascinating, yet a little sad, there lies little pieces of history with the abandoned vehicles and buildings. Slowly these homesteads are vanishing forever, their story lost into the landscape of large corporate farming.

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