Black and Whites

Reducing a photo down to its basics creates drama and cohesion. Black and white imagery reminds me of being in photography class in the days of manual SLRs. Entering the darkroom with its revolving sealed door you had entered an underground world. I loved developing film and experimenting with the enlargers. Here are some photos I have taken lately reduced to their black and white basics.


New York City + Paper Runway

Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined traveling to New York for a trade-show that was all about stationery. For the last two years I have attended the National Stationery Show representing the Design department with my full time job. My feet are sore from browsing this year's hundreds of exhibits showcasing amazing stationers, paper industry suppliers, artists, and designers (but also from NYC speed shopping and site seeing in the off hours.)

The NSS red carpet Paper Runway featured paper dresses created by talented up and coming fashion designers. This was an appropriate theme that was evident throughout the entire show. Stationery is a style accessory and can really express your personality through an invitation, your personal journal, note-cards, or calendars. In today's age of paperless communication it is refreshing to see by merging creativity, paper, and design, as a result, cutting edge products are still being developed. The mini trend of unexpected details with paper finishes, interesting die-cuts, and design juxtaposition add a visual interest that is difficult to represent online. The tactile dimensionality of paper is here to stay.

Here are photos from the amazing Paper Runway entries. The paper fashion ranged from embellished floral designs to paper that looked like leather.


Twenty At Thirty = One - Now What?

Over eighty posts later my creative blog has hit its one year anniversary. This may seem like a minuscule accomplishment but for me it is an enormous feat considering my previous track record.

As I type today I question do I have any more inspiration to offer or to seek? Or have I said everything I can for now?

The last year has been full of reflection and question about my career, my life, and what I want to be doing. And sometimes I am still so baffled about what else can I accomplish? How can I do more of the creative work that I love without burning myself out? Am I where I am supposed to be?

This blog has helped me branch out into photography, which has been a huge creative outlet. So I suppose inspiration will strike again, but today I do not feel inspired. Is that okay to be saying this in my creative space? I guess so.

I am realizing I need to take a break and get refueled. But maybe that will be after my business trip next week. Or maybe that will be after I just take a break to really reflect. So thank you everyone for tuning in. I'm sure I will be back soon.

I leave this post with a summary of my top 5 posts from the past year. This is based on my all-time traffic.

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Featured Artist : Aimee Sicuro

A few weeks ago I made my first Etsy purchase – a signed professional print of Aimee Sicuro's illustration titled “Tandem”. The artwork is of a wedding theme, influence from my full-time job, but I love the composition and the colors. For years I have been skimming the vintage / handmade marketplace for inspiration for product development. Aimee Sicuro, an illustrator from New York, had been marked as one of my favorites. I love her layered, romantic, whimsical style.

Aimee's work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Oprah Magazine, Prevention Magazine, Yoga Journal, The Wall Street Journal, Simon and Schuster and Reader's Digest Best Life Magazine.

To read more about Aimee Sicuro visit


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