San Francisco City Hall

Outside of San Francisco City Hall From Front
San Francisco City Hall is an architectural beauty. Italian Renaissance and Baroque in style, the structure is a popular choice for tying the knot. In one short hour while we were touring the center there were three separate weddings taking place. The building has made appearances in a number of famous movies. America's first openly gay politician was assassinated inside the building in 1978. (Previous post here.) The building boosts the fifth largest dome structure in the world and occupies a space of two city blocks.

Here are photos taken last year from inside the historic structure.
James Rolph Jr. Mayor 1912 - 1931 Clock

City Hall Detail of Dome Fifth Largest In The World
One of Three Couples Getting Married At San Francisco City Hall Within An Hour
San Francisco City Hall Front Doors From Inside
Dome with Chandelier
City Hall Sculptural Detail


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