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Can design decisions influence whether we perceive a company to be more credible than another? 

The answer, yes!

Design is your first impression. It has actually been proven that design is the first filter when it comes to building trust, especially online. A study conducted on opinions on a health website proved that 83% of the comments were related to design factors, such as a bad first impression regarding the look and feel, poor navigation, color and legibility, and the url of the website. An impression takes only a few seconds.

Fonts influence your perception. Another interesting study was conducted focusing on the effect of website typeface appropriateness on the perception of the company. It was proven that typefaces that were serif were considered more professional. Courier and comic typefaces significantly decreased the perception of the company as professional, believable and trustworthy.

Content = Credibility. Design does not stand alone when establishing trust. After a user's initial impression of the design, content is the second filter in deciding whether a website is considered trustworthy. In the study 74% of the participants’ comments were about content being important in deciding whether they found a site trustworthy (after the initial design impression). This proves that if sites can provide credibility including content written by experts or people that they can identify with their target market, a website is considered believable. Users need to benefit from the content.

Without a professional design, users will not even see past to view the content. That is why it is ultra important to really to fine-tune your design in order to showcase the content to its true capability. Your users will feel more comfortable and you will be able to get your message across more easily. Design builds trust even if it is subconsciously.


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