Kodak Hawk-Eye No. 2 Camera

The Janke Family's Kodak Hawk-Eye No.2 Box Camera
This Kodak Hawk-Eye No.2 Camera was the first camera to my knowledge that the Janke family owned since immigrating to Canada in 1910. Based on my research the camera was produced somewhere between 1922 - 1925 in Toronto, Canada. The box camera features two viewfinders (one for portrait and the other for landscape) in a metal construction. There is a metal lever that activates the shutter. You can move it up or down depending on its original state. On the back of the metal box camera features a lid to load the film packs where the image would be applied to create the photo. Based on my research the Kodak Film Packs featured 12 cut celluloid films, that were placed in the back of the camera and were activated by pulling a paper tab that loaded a fresh film into place after each exposure. The paper tab system acted as a basic exposure counter. On the top there are two metal pins to hold where there used to be a metal handle.
The Camera Has Two Viewfinders - One for Portraits and The Other For Landscapes

You Can Faintly See A Preview Of A Tree In The Viewfinder

The Lid Where The Film Packs Were Placed

The Lens - Available Only In One Shutter Speed

A Preview Of A Tree Through The Viewfinder
I love how this camera has a smudge of ivory glossy paint on its face and when you hold it up to a lit scene you can see a faint black and white image through the viewfinder. It is amazing the quality of prints that this camera produced and how well the negatives have held up for close to a century. I think if I could get my hands of film this camera would probably still take photos. A new project?


Anonymous,  February 2, 2011 at 6:14 PM  

Go for it!! Very cool indeed...

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