Magazines - Gone But Not Forgotten

Over the last couple of years it seems a lot of printed magazines have been ceasing publication. This is most likely because of the competition from free e-magazines and online blogs where information is instantaneous. There are a few magazines which I keep in my collection because it is a shame they are no longer published.

ONE : Design Matters Magazine

This lifestyle design driven magazine was launched in 2000 and only lasted a couple of issues. The magazine targetted 25- to 44-year-old professionals and covered fashion, beauty, home, interior design, product and industrial design. The page layouts were technologically styled and now feel a little dated, but, nevertheless, the magazine is still creative.
ONE : Design Matters Magazine



Blueprint : Design Your Life Magazine

This magazine, a Martha Stewart Living Publication, was published between 2006 - 2007 targeted towards women aged 25-40. The goal of the magazine was to target a younger demographic than the typical Martha Stewart demographic. The magazine had beautiful page layouts and typography. The ideas presented were also invaluable and fun.
Blueprint : Design Your Life Magazine



Domino Magazine:

This magazine was published between 2005 - 2009 targeted towards women in their 30s. It was dubbed "the guide to living with style". From time to time an issue would catch my eye and I would purchase it. The focus was interior design but it was presented in an elegant scrapbook kind of way. Included in each issue were sticker flags that you could use to flag the ideas that were an inspiration to you. Flipping through my issues the ideas are still relevant and original.
Domino : The Guide To Living With Style Magazine


Anonymous,  January 26, 2011 at 12:19 PM  

Where are all the old country music and OWL magazines???? LOL Those were the best!


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