Creative Chronicles : Nude Drawings

Anyone who has taken a college drawing class knows all about the "Nude" as a exercise in figure drawing. With my second drawing class, a real nude model was a bit shocking to me initially. But as this became a normal exercise in our drawing class, it actually became routine (and actually a little boring) to me. It did, however, force my drawing to be spontaneous due to the fact a model could only stand in the same position for a couple of minutes. Archived in my creative works downstairs I found my nude drawings on newsprint. They are abstract but that's what makes them art.

Nude - Charcoal + Newsprint ©2001 Stephanie Janke
Nude - Graphite + Newsprint ©2001 Stephanie Janke

Nude - Pencil + Conte Crayon + Newsprint ©2001 Stephanie Janke


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