Tangerine Tango - Pantone's 2012 Color of the Year

Not quite orange, not quite red describes Pantone's selected Color of the Year for 2012. Tangerine Tango boasts an orange with a lot of depth to it. A mix of exotic, energetic, warmth, and friendliness, the reddish orange provides an attention grabbing hue. Expect to see the vivid shade popping up in fashion, cosmetics, and home decor.

Designers seem to appreciate this year's choice. Orange has become popular as a color staple.

Tangerine replaces Honeysuckle from 2011, Turquoise from 2010, Mimosa from 2009, Blue Iris from 2008, and Chili Pepper from 2007 since the inception of "Color of the Year".


South Saskatchewan River, A 2 Year Old, Family Photos

The last couple of months have been a blur. As a result, I have not updated my blog... Over the last three weeks I have been working on an exciting new freelance design opportunity which I am hoping to share very soon. It involves my favorite - dessert!

Last month I went out to my sister's place to take her annual family photos (this is becoming a new tradition). The day was bright and frosty - making for good camera lighting. My challenge - photographing the group with a 2 year old that did not have his afternoon nap! I now have a special appreciation for professional photographers who specialize in baby and children portraits. Nevertheless, it was a great day, and my sister has a few shots to use with her 2011 Christmas cards.

Here are two of my favorite shots.

Overlooking South Saskatchewan River

Family Photos 2011


Digital Photo Professional Recipes

Experimenting and shooting in RAW format has forced me to create my own custom VRD recipe files. There is not a whole lot of information online as to how to work with Digital Photo Professional's Tool Palette. I suppose it is better to test all of the settings on your own to gain the best understanding. I like the ease and speed to apply brightness, contrast, color temperature settings all from one control panel. Here are my favorite recipes and their effect.  

You can download my original .VRD files at the end of the post.

Original Photograph - Default Setting

Pastel Carnival - Desaturated Color

Wheat - Yellow Temperature - Softer Contrast

Black and White - Soft Contrast

Dark Style - Yellow with more Contrast
Movie Style - Brightness Turned Down with More Contrast



Download my original Digital Photo Professional VRD files shown here at www.sjjdesign.com/files/VRD-Recipes.zip

Just click "Read and Paste Recipe From File..." to apply to your RAW photograph.



Updating My Website - sjjdesign.com

Coming soon - new home page for sjjdesign.com - lots of white space!
sjjdesign.com is my portfolio / freelance business website. Currently it is a simple landing page to my resume, blog, and flickr photography. With my recent work this summer for Medicine Hat Leaders in Business and Leadership Summit, I have been pushed to finally showcase my design work on my online site.
medicinehatsummit.com website

Coming soon my website will feature my identity, website, print, product, and photo design work. The clients I have had the pleasure to work with over the years include Medicine Hat Tigers, Cypress Hills Provincial Park, BATUS, and more.

Starting this fall I will be taking new clients. I would love to talk with you if you have a design project or collaboration in mind.

Baseline and column grid used for sjjdesign.com


31, Update, Photos

With no blog posts for several weeks, what have I been up to?  
Since June I have been working on a major design project for a summit that will be happening in September of this year. Yes, in addition to my crazy hours with my full time design job, I have been spending time getting back into corporate design with my freelance design business - sjjdesign. It has been good working with a different industry outside of wedding design and a reminder of the challenges working as a freelance designer. This will mark one of the largest projects I have taken on independently. In July 20at30 officially turned 20at31.

In my spare time I have been still experimenting with my photography and am itching to do some traveling again end of summer. I took my camera down to the Stampede grounds to see how it would handle. Not using any kind of tripod I did get some decent shots. I do see the need to upgrade my 50mm lens on the horizon as I have been pushing the limitations lately. Now just to save up!

Stampede, a set on Flickr.
Photo experiments using 50mm 1.8 lens.


Abandoned Homestead

Abandoned Homestead, a set on Flickr.
Over the weekend I traveled into Southeastern Saskatchewan to visit my great-grandparents' original homestead. My dad played tour guide to tell me and my sister the stories of where my grandmother originally grew up and her bachelor brothers would continue to live. The last time I was here was 29 years ago when I was one or two years old. The original house, which is still standing, once housed a family of eight. This is unbelievable as the house would be cozy for just one person. Up until a few years ago the last surviving brother would live here all year long - heating his house with an electric stove and making due without indoor plumbing. In his early 80s he now lives down the road in a house with better amenities.

Fascinating, yet a little sad, there lies little pieces of history with the abandoned vehicles and buildings. Slowly these homesteads are vanishing forever, their story lost into the landscape of large corporate farming.

Click here to view my photo album – Abandoned Homestead.


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