More Vintage Family Photos

After going through the archives of family photos for the Janke family side for the 100 Year Janke slideshow I put together this summer (original blog post here), my mom sent photos from the other side of my family tree (Sturm).

I love vintage photographs but the ones where there is a story are even better. Below are some of the photos I would like to share.

The wedding picture of my maternal great-grandparents Fred Sturm, Sr. and Bertine Helgeson married 5 Feb 1905 in Sweetgrass, Montana. At age 21, my great grandmother Bertine Helgeson, immigrated from Norway to the United States.  Bertine was child #8 in a family of 13 children.

The one of the two gentlemen hamming it up with the jug (of wine, supposedly) has my great-great uncle holding the jug and my great-grandpa Fred Sturm, Sr. taking the drink. The photo was taken September 1929 during a wedding celebration.

Here is the one from the 1940s with my great-grandfather at far middle back and my grandfather at right butchering a hog with neighbors on his farm. It is true that modern day people can not even relate to all the work that food production really took in earlier times.


Anonymous,  December 22, 2010 at 8:18 PM  

I love these pictures too! Great post!


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