Print Is Not Dead - A Few of My Favorite Books Part 1

Recently I was able to scoop up a few more books for my library from SFMOMA's amazing bookstore. (Of course they were hardcover books so I had to carry them back home to Canada in my carry-on to make sure my luggage did not go overweight! I was one kilogram under...)

Getting back into reading has allowed me to go through and organize my books that I have purchased over the last ten years. There are great books in my collection that have stood the test of time ranging from recommended reads to just examples of great book design. There is still no comparison to a printed hardcover book in this age of Ipads, Ebooks, and the Internet. Print is not dead. It is actually refreshing after hours in front of a computer to get away from the screen and curl up on the couch flipping through the pages.

Typography 20: the Annual of the Type Directors Club
Adam Greiss, 1999

Although this book is over 10 years old it is still a great example of superior typography and book design. I love the cover of this book and all the typographic details throughout. This annual demonstrates  a 1950s school theme. The TDC opens up an annual competition of the best typography in the world in a range of categories including identities, logos, stationery, annual reports, video graphics, and posters. Even though these were designs from 1998 they are still strong and show that the best designs use good type.

One Red Dot
David A. Carter, 2004

One Red Dot is a modern pop-up book for all ages. The goal - to spot the one red dot for hidden in every pop-up. Each pop-up is a magnificent paper sculpture with bright colors and paper that becomes mobile or makes a sound. Every time you flip that page you wonder how did they create that?

The Laws of Simplicity
John Maeda, 2006

I believe the philosophy that the more you can take away from a design the better your design will be. Maeda encompasses this concept and breaks it down into simple terms. He brings it down to a business, technology, and life application. Society is looking for simple, easy to use. Simple equals sanity. The Ten Laws = 1.Reduce 2.Organize 3.Time 4.Learn 5.Differences 6.Context 7.Emotion 8.Trust 9.Failure 10.The One

Check back shortly for three more of my favorite books!


Theriaka November 25, 2010 at 5:49 AM  

I don't often fall in love with books for any reason other than a stunning storyline. However I must admit that One Red Dot looks like it would be rather mind-boggling and dare I say, fantastic.

Just from the photos I'm dying to see what other amazing constructs are contained within the pages!

Stephanie Janke November 25, 2010 at 7:11 PM  

I'll have to show it to you. This book is like a work of art in itself!

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