History + Anatomy - A Few of My Favorite Books Part 3

Here are some more printed beauties from my library. Be sure to see mini reviews and photos of my first 6 favorite books here and here.

Apartment Therapy Presents:
Real Homes, Real People, Hundreds of Design Solutions

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, 2008

For years I have been enjoying Apartment Therapy's blog about inspiration for your home. There have always been good ideas that are inexpensive to create a modern looking home one room at a time. The Apartment Therapy book is a great resource to see to the potential for organizing and decorating your home. The book shows real homes and real people with a tour of their space. The designs were very modern and contemporary which gives me things to do with my own space.

A History of Graphic Design
Phillip B. Meggs, 1998

A History of Graphic Design is actually one of two textbooks that I have kept over the years. As a professional graphic designer it is an essential resource to retrieve the various styles that have evolved in visual communications. From the evolution of cavemen carvings to graphic designer master Paul Rand, this book gives you all the details to how we have evolved to modern day design. This book is so comprehensive that it could be considered Graphic Design's Encyclopedia.

The Anatomy of Design: Uncovering the Influences and Inspirations in Modern Graphic Design
Steven Heller and Mirko Ilic, 2007

The Anatomy of Design is another comprehensive resource documenting design styles and concepts in an anatomy type way. The book has a pullout page for each main design that breaks down the components of concept and style that have been used. It opens up your mind to integrating these styles and concepts into your own work. I can't imagine how long it took to gather all of this information into a book format.


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