Bending Your Perspective

With film photography I have always missed the unpredictability of the final results of developed prints. The photos may come out over-exposed or under-exposed. Maybe the subject is out of focus or there is a flare in the shot. After a couple of months with a new DSLR and having some time to experiment with different lenses, I am hooked with my Lensbaby and Optic Lens System. This is the closest to getting back to film photography in the digital world.

This fun and creative system requires practice. The bending and focusing of the lens can be somewhat discouraging in the beginning. There is a lot of experimentation involved to judge the manual settings to ensure the correct exposure and focus. You have to manually insert your aperture rings, allowing for custom shaped apertures.

It is the creative effects that I really love. With the optic system you can swap out the lens to create a pinhole effect, or a plastic lens effect. The photos end up with a soft, artistic feel, almost painterly quality. Edges of the image create a blurry motion, with an element with a sharper focus.

Here are some of the highlight shots I have taken with my Lensbaby so far:


Anonymous,  November 17, 2010 at 8:01 AM  

What's up with the dude in silver and the normal dressed chick beside him???? Where did you take that?? Very intriguing picture...


Stephanie Janke November 17, 2010 at 6:11 PM  

The photo was taken in San Francisco along Fisherman's Wharf. After passing street performers, musicians, we passed this guy dressed in the silver. I don't remember who he was supposed to be but the girls were going crazy posing for photos with him. Right after this photo another girl wanted a photograph but he went on his break and would not pose.

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