Beautiful Print - Some More of My Favorite Books - Part 2

Here are some more printed beauties from my library. Be sure to see mini reviews and photos of my first three favorite books here.

Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works
Erik Spiekermann + E.M. Ginger, 2002

Stop Stealing Sheep is a good introduction into the world of typography. The book offers basic terminology and concepts into type classification, selection, and usage in a engaging, sometimes entertaining way. This book is compact and covers a lot of territory in its form which is the opposite of the many other typographic guide books out there. The illustrations and photographs are very demonstrative with easy to grasp concepts.

How To Read A Photograph - Lessons from Master Photographers
Ian Jeffrey, 2009

How To Read A Photograph is a beautiful book featuring a visual history of photography and a guide to the style of the great Master Photographers. The quality of the printing really shows through as you turn page to page to reveal the next photographic masterpiece. The author interprets at least one photograph from each Master offering incite into the symbolism of the striking image. The book covers work including Fox Talbot, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Alfred Stieglitz.

One Perfect Day - The Selling of the American Wedding
Rebecca Mead, 2008

Personally working full-time in the wedding industry, One Perfect Day offers an eye-opening view on the commercialism of the wedding industry.  The all consuming details and industry's invention of the "Bridezilla" phenomenon has overshadowed the simple concept of a wedding - a celebration of two people that love each other. Part investigative journalism, part social commentary, this book goes behind the scenes into the world of wedding planners, department store bridal registries, honeymoon destinations, and wedding accessory manufacturers all creating ways to make money from the Bride's happily-ever-after. 

Check back shortly for three more of my favorite books!


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