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The more we get absorbed into our work and day to day details, the more it seems life can overwhelm the best of us. We are always "on" with less opportunities to disconnect and rest our minds. Maybe this is just me... Recently, after a several year hiatus, I have been reminded how exciting it is behind the camera lens. Drawings, graphics, or type are temporarily put on hold. The pure beauty is displayed in the lens. The color, the texture, the memory, the location, and light become the focus. The pressure of deadlines and demands of the client do not exist here. It is just me and the image to be captured.

I have a new appreciation of my real home, where I was raised on the farm just north of the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park on the Alberta side. I did not realize that I would miss the fresh air, the view from my parents' window in the living room, grandpa's old house, and the fact that you can see all of the stars at night. In fact, my goal as a teenager was to move off of the farm as soon as I was done high school. We lived a simple life without internet, without VCR, and only 2 channels on a black and white television. My parents supported my creative outlets with piano lessons and my artistic hobbies of painting and drawing. Years later in my design career and life, after traveling across the world, I am drawn back to home more than ever. It is a breath of fresh air.

I have been visiting home more frequently and capturing different images there. My favorite place is the top of the Cypress Hills. There is a feeling of peace standing on the highest level of the forest of trees looking down over the prairies. The air is pure and fresh and I take it all in. It is just me and the land. Home is my new simplicity.


Anonymous,  March 13, 2011 at 5:33 PM  

Pictures are really great. Finally able to access all your work. Youve done a wonderful job.


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