Stony Plain - The Town with the Painted Past

The Strong Arm of The Law
The Town of Stony Plain, just outside of Edmonton, Alberta, features a jackpot of colourful murals in which the rich history of Stony Plain, Alberta, and Canada is depicted. The murals were researched and skillfully painted by artists across Canada, earning the town of 14,000 the nickname "The Town with the Painted Past." What a great little town with an artistic appreciation.

A few weeks back I was able to explore the murals in the downtown center of Stony Plain and was able to capture the murals.

Stony Plain Japanese Gardens Mural
Milling On Main
Press Relief
No Problem Autocare & Towing and Me
The Life and Times of Murray & Esme Byers
For Home and Country
The First People
The General Store
Early Trade and Commerce


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