What's Your Typestache?

There's no denying it. I love type. With the moustache obsession currently in the design world I was inspired to pay homage with my rendition of What's Your Typestache? Which typestache suits you?

Are you Mr. Comic Sans Bold - casual, non-connected, informal, inappropriate? Or Mr. Filosophia - refined, contemporary, flexible, model? What about Mr. Mrs. Eaves - feminine, modern, romantic, with an identity crisis? Mr. Stencil - cheap, bold, hardcore, ordinary? Mr. Impact - narrow, heavy, dynamic, contrasting? Mr. Webdings - unusual, web-safe, symbolic, crazy? Mr. Feel Script - sexy, sensual, tattoos, lovey dovey? Or Mr. Cooper Black - old school, black, friendly, heavy weight?

My vote is Mr. Mrs. Eaves.


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