Beauty in The Old, Abandoned, and Rundown.

I have a love for old, rundown, forgotten, falling apart, decaying buildings. The worn wood exposed to decades of the elements, crumbling brick, peeling paint, a buildup of moss and lichen, decayed plants make for beautiful inspiration. The textures, colors make for stunning photographs.

Check out my collection of shots I have taken over the years. Some of these buildings no longer exist. I am happy I was able to capture them on film.

Original Janke Wood Barn Still Standing in Late 1990s
Krahn House with Cracked Cinder Block Demolished in 2009
Old Red Garage with Cracked Window Demolished in mid 2000s
Graburn Church Burned Down To The Ground in January 2009

Medalta Potteries in Late 1990s
Original Janke Wood Barn Roof Caving In 1998
Abandoned Near Camrose 2010
Rusty Hinges on Oil Drum By Red Barn 1999
Old House Turned Barn With Glass Piece 1999
In Krahn House Porch Demolished in 2009
The Old House / My Grandpa's House 2010 Built in the 1920s


Anonymous,  November 13, 2010 at 5:56 PM  

Great pics Steph! And some of them are over a decade old (the pictures are) that's incredible that you got those when you did... you don't know that you'll miss it till it's gone... and I miss all those old buildings that I recognized on here...


Stephanie Janke November 13, 2010 at 6:00 PM  

Thanks Chris! Who knew they would be works of art?

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