Antique Stereoviews + Phonographic Record

On a recent trip to the Edmonton area I had the opportunity to visit a phenomenal antique emporium. They had rooms and rooms of high quality antiques and unique giftware. I ended up with a couple of ephemera pieces that I could not live without. I walked away with two pre-1900 photographic stereoviews and a 1904 phonographic record of O Canada.

Your Only Troubles will be Little Ones - The Universal Photo Art Co.
When I purchased the photographic cards I had thought they were advertisements for duplication services. With a little research I discovered that they were antique versions of the modern day 3D Viewmaster. Before the days of movies, televisions, and radio stereoviews were common as entertainment and news. Common subject matter of the stereoviews were famous people, landmarks, landscapes, wars, and staged scenes.

Detail of Your Only Troubles will be Little Ones

After the Ball. Copyright 1897 by Shrohmeyer & Wyman.
Detail of After the Ball
Indestructible Phonographic Record Protective Tube
The Edison phonographic cylinder record was in rough shape but I was still captivated by the typography and wording on the cardboard storage sleeve : "Never wears out - Purest and Clearest in Tone - Indestructible Phonographic Record - Greatest in Volume - Gives Longest Selections" After some research this particular design is an Edison "Blue Amberol" cylinder known for its blue rim and record information inscribed. The tube has metal rings and a waxy coating. The outside of the tube is where the recording is.
2287 O Canada, Gillette & Mixed Chorus


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