Janke 100 Years

Two thousand and ten marks one hundred years since my family's immigration from Bessarabia, Russia to Alberta, Canada and the original homestead which I grew up on.

My contribution to the event is the creation of a slideshow showcasing family photographs of Reinhold Janke Sr. (my great grandfather) and family who established the homestead in 1910. My grandfather Reinhold Janke Jr. was the third youngest boy in a family of five children.

As a result of the slideshow I also developed a logo. The Janke logo incorporates a handwritten specimen I found on the back of one of the family photographs with a aged type style to reinforce the western history.

In digitizing the family photographs I have come across some interesting ones. I love vintage photography but these photos have a special meaning knowing that they are connected to my family. Below are some that I would like to share.

My Grampa's Bicycle - 
My grandfather was so proud of his bike it deserved its own photo.

Grampa in Chaps -
My grandfather looks straight out of the original black and white western movies.

Line of Model T Fords -
I love this photograph showcasing this versatile vehicle of the time.

Bear With Man -
The man in the photograph has been identified as either my grampa or my great uncles so this craziness might run in my genes.


Anonymous,  November 17, 2010 at 8:07 AM  

These pictures are treasures, where did you find them all? I haven't seen all of these before... very special!


Stephanie Janke November 17, 2010 at 6:15 PM  

I'm sure you have seen grampa's bicycle photo + chaps photo but the bottom two - Model T Fords + Bear With Man were sent by Jackie. I think the Bear With Man looks like grandpa. Crazy isn't it? This was a trip that was taken by the Jankes to Banff and grandpa was there.

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