It Will Be Okay : Creative Block

Over the years in the graphic design field I have learned that no matter what project or looming deadline to be met, at the end of the day, you will get through it. As long as you are giving a full effort, everything will come together. You will get through your creative block, your brain will work it out. You will get the Eureka moment when everything just works. It will be okay.

There are times when I get blocked. My brain has the idea but putting the design on paper does not translate from the vision in my head. So I move on. By working on multiple projects the brain has a chance to focus on something new. This will usually translate back to the project you are experiencing a block. It is amazing how the brain works.

I will try designing with music, without interruptions. Music calms the soul and a stream of consciousness starts to happen. The brain designs behind the scenes. Going through magazines and books and photos triggers your brain to go in an even better direction. Browsing websites with visual stimuli or a word gets your mind brainstorming. Talking about your design with another person leads to that magic moment when you know exactly what you need to do to tie everything together.

Creative block is one of the challenges of being a designer. The key is training your brain to get past it. Keeping your brain receptive, and not stressing, will give you the results. The outcome may even exceed your expectations. It will be okay.  

It may even be your best work yet.


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