I Am Getting The Hang Of Blogging

In my second attempt to blog with my recent 20at30.com I feel like I have gained momentum and will be able to keep this going. This is a real accomplishment for me and my goal is to have a regular post ever 4 days.

Here's why I believe my blogging will work this time:
  • I am treating 20at30 like a true creative space not tied into my freelance brand. As a result I feel like I can truly use it as a creative outlet away from my full-time job. This will keep my posts fresh and flexible and interesting.

  • Recently I have been following hundreds of blogs dealing with design, weddings, typography, local, interior design and have studied what I like about them.

  • I am recording notes about post ideas so I can plan in advance the direction of my articles.

  • I really want to connect with other creatives and a blog with original thoughts on creativity and design will allow me to share.
Wish me luck. Any comments, suggestions, ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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