10 Accomplishments & 20 Goals At 30

After much reflection earlier this year of my life, today marks the next decade of my life. It has been a bit of a struggle with questions about taking the right road and my accomplishments. Today I am inspired again to create and establish personal goals entering my 30s.

So what exactly have I accomplished?
  1. I have paid off all my personal long-term debts (excluding mortgage).
  2. I love our house and it has been a great investment.
  3. I have worked in the graphic design field full-time for 9 years and still love it.
  4. I am managing a staff of 5 designers, 1 writer, 2 print production operators and am still inspired to design.
  5. I have traveled to Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and New York.
  6. I have found my fiance who has loved me and put up with me and cooked for me and improved the house during this adventure in my career for 8 years.
  7. I graduated from college, worked as a web designer, print designer, product designer, senior graphic designer, art production manager.
  8. I am self-sufficient and independent.
  9. I have discovered I have a green thumb and can actually grow a garden.
  10. I created my personal blog (20at30.com) as a creative space for me to record inspiration.
What are my goals to accomplish by my next birthday?
  1. Publish a printed book for my portfolio documenting my process in industrial design.
  2. Plan a trip to San Fransisco with my best friend and take lots of pictures.
  3. Set a wedding date and plan a destination wedding.
  4. Take one photo a day for 365 days.
  5. Gather up my recipe box so I can actually do some cooking.
  6. Redesign the master bedroom complete with a closet organizer, custom artwork, new furniture.
  7. Re-establish my relationship with my parents and re-connect with the farm.
  8. Join a photography club.
  9. Stay inspired in design, photography, typography.
  10. Learn how to relax and take some deep breaths.
  11. Learn how to balance management with being able to design during working hours.
  12. Keep my freelance work up with sjjdesign.
  13. Connect with more designers and artists who have a passion about their work.
  14. Reconnect with old friends and find more couples to hang out with.
  15. Go to more concerts and plays and movies to stay inspired.
  16. Do more drawing and watercolor painting.
  17. Learn how to play the guitar.
  18. Keep up my blog posts with creative and original content.
  19. Decide if I want to have a family.
  20. Feel happy about my life and my accomplishments.


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