October 1942 - Vintage Love Letters

In going through some of my old books and magazines I came across an October 1942 issue of Modern Romances. I remember as a girl looking at this magazine at my grandpa's house. Now rediscovering the issue decades later it is interesting to look at these from a graphic design point of view. In the stories and graphics there is definitely a sense of glamour to the war and the expectation for women to stay strong for her man. The titles are beautifully hand-drawn with the body text manually kerned. The ads commonly use 4 or more typefaces - one script, bold, italic, all uppercase, and underlined all in one ad.

From the article "Your Letters Can Keep His Heart Flying":
THE MAN IN YOUR LIFE has gone to war.

You miss him–and want him to know it. Then write to him.

You love him–he needs to know it. Then tell him.

Your heart's with him wherever he is. Then send it to him in your letters.

Remember that letters can bind with "hoops of steel," so learn how to cast them.

First, make a vow to yourself that you'll write at least once a week. Then let nothing make you break that vow. Tell yourself, "It's a date." Then keep it. He'll like knowing he can depend on that weekly letter from you. He'll be proud of your never failing him. The regularity and quality of your letters can save him from homesickness, discontent, restlessness. That's your responsibility. Shoulder it like a flag!

Be natural, sincere, but always cheerful, in your letters. Write just as if you were talking to him. The written word can carry you to him as truly as your own voice over the telephone if you write like you talk.

Write a good letter. I don't mean fine words and careful phrasing. I don't mean swank stationery and handsome penmanship. I mean good news from home, good memories of the past, for the future. Things that will make him feel good when he reads them.


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