Lost And Found Memories

In my gathering of photos for my family's 100 year anniversary I have gained a new appreciation for vintage photography as a lost art. In the today's age of instant photography the imperfections, the shadows, the tiniest details are what makes vintage photography so charming. To see images of your grandparents or parents as children from a different time makes me feel like I'm traveling in time.

And then there are photos such as the one above where all the people are complete strangers to me. I do not know the story of what is going on but that makes it even more interesting. I feel compelled to rescue this image and imagine the story. Is this a community picnic? Are these men and women single as the men and women are clearly sitting in groups? Are they brothers and sisters or good family friends? The man with the huge smile - is he flirting with the woman to the very right? The other ladies do not seem as interested in the conversation. There is a cardboard box stamped with "meat" and to the top left a vehicle with a headlight.

It's hard to believe people would part with these type of memories. I was in an antique store recently where there was a tiny 1920's photo of a couple in love for sale. Who would want to forget that story all documented in one image - his arms around her waist in front of a Model Ford truck?

With the age of Flickr, collectors are sharing their lost photo finds and connecting with others with the same passion. There are thousands of photographs with unclaimed owners each with a story of a different era. They are artifacts of unknown men and women, their lives important and interesting. The images are authentic and honest and tiny works of art.


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